Reason #9: You get recordings of the complete program. So, even if you’re only ready to do one part now – you can access the materials at any time. And you can contact me with specific questions anytime after your paid program ends.

I never leave people on their own simply because their time is up.  

Depending on which program you’re joining, the promoted duration will be a defined number of weeks. Most likely it will be promoted as a 12-week program (unless you choose the new home or 1-on-1 consulting).

That is the timeframe that you can complete the program and if you give the program four hours of your time each week.  

However, you get to take as long as you need to complete the program.  

At time of writing I have one client, Deborah, in Long Island NY who has been asking me questions pretty much every month for the last 18 months.  

But as long as she’s getting value then I’m happy for her to keep asking questions and continuing to create clean energy systems for her family’s electricity, heating, cooling, cooking and transportation.

And besides, she’s one of the finest human beings that I know and she’s always giving quality ideas to others. 

And I’ll extend the same courtesy to you, as I have to Deborah and others.  

If you want to get through the program and the shortest possible timeframe, then commit more hours per week to the task. But, if you have an extended holiday, or you just get too busy, or God forbid you get sick, then don’t worry because you can have the recording and ask questions for as long as you need.  

I think that’s about it!  

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is simply no better choice for embedding proven, effective, clean energy systems into your home other than AWESome EarthKind Energy .  

Your Honor, I rest my case.

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

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