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Welcome to AWESome EarthKind!

If you are here, it is because you heard my interview with Nate Peo on The All-In Podcast with Nate Peo. I hope you enjoyed listening to us as much as I did talking to Nate.  He is a wonderful host who is enthusiastic about introducing you to the people and ideas that can improve your life.

I am passionate about helping you “Go Clean & $ave Green”. Clean energy can save you money, let you have a positive environmental impact, and leave a legacy that will make your grandchildren proud – all without your having to learn complex energy technology.

  • Did my story resonate with you in some way?
  • Do you want to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint & save money?
  • Did you have a particular clean energy technology (solar, heating & cooling system, electric vehicles) that you are most interested in?
  • Are you planning to build a new home or other building?

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you are here.

You can find the resources I mentioned in the interview down below. Please look around the site to learn more, and sign up for the next FREE Demonstration of the AWESome EarthKind Clean Energy System that can empower you on your clean energy journey.

Thanks – I look forward to meeting you!

Best Regards,

Ron Kamen with Nate Peo

Welcome to the All-In Podcast with Nate Peo. 2020 is the year I decided that enough is enough. I’ve always had aspirations of making a bigger impact in people’s lives but I’ve let self-doubt hold me back. From giving up to easy or not feeling like I’m good enough to make a difference, I’ve always had a reason holding me back. But I asked myself, what would happen if I went all-in, got comfortable with being uncomfortable for one year, for five years. Just put in a consistent effort of breaking down personal barriers and see where this journey goes. Well, this is it, a podcast to document this journey see what happens.

All In Podcast

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