Hi there and welcome.

Because you’re here, it’s likely that you’ve booked to meet me, so I invite you to check out the AWESome EarthKind Energytm options below. That way, you’ll be up to speed with your options, if we agree that AWESome EarthKind Energytm is a fit for your needs.

But please don’t enroll in any program until after we’ve met and I’ve been able to confirm that what I have is a fit for your needs and that I believe we can work together.

And if you want to know more about what makes AWESome EarthKind Energytm  unique, here are nine reasons that our clients tell us why AWESome EarthKind Energytm  is their #1 choice when it comes to transitioning to 100% carbon-free energy for their electricity, heating, cooling & transportation.

Reason #1: My famous “Don’t Trust Me” Guarantee

Most Clean Energy companies ask you to trust them.  

They say something to the effect of “give me your money and then I’ll deliver the value”.  

But unfortunately, all too often people give them money only to find that the value delivery wasn’t what was promised – or find out later that they “could have done better”.

The comment I hear all too often is “They were a really nice person, Ron, but I wish I had met with you before I purchased the (solar system, electric car, clean heating & cooling…)

I’m sorry, but being a really nice person is not enough. While it’s great that many clean energy salespeople believe in their product – suppliers need to deliver value that is of the maximum benefit for YOU and your unique life circumstances. You need to have confidence in the ability of clean energy products to do that, especially if you’ve been unfortunate enough to waste your money in the past on products that failed to deliver results.

And if you’ve been through that experience of losing money by investing in products that didn’t work out, then you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to trust me … instead, I’ll trust you.  

How that works is simple: if you choose to cash flow your payments, then we’ll work together for a whole month without you risking even one cent.  

If at the end of that month you think that I’m not delivering, simply email me directly at ron@awesomeearthkind.com. Your credit card charge will be reversed, and you won’t be obligated to continue for the remaining 3 months of the program. 

This means I carry the risk, not you.  

This is what I call “Risk Reversal” meaning that instead of you, my client, carrying the risk, I’ll carry it instead.  

So…let me trust you, rather than me asking you to trust me.  

Now, isn’t that a refreshing change?  

Please note, that this Risk Reversal Guarantee does not apply if a person simply doesn’t show up. It only applies if you think that I’m not delivering on my promise.  

Reason #2: I’ve got a long track record of successful client results

It’s only reasonable that I can demonstrate to you a successful track record of helping clients achieve the sort of results that you want to achieve.  

And I do mean “results” as in clean energy systems that deliver and save money. It’s all very well for someone to have testimonials that talk about how excited someone is about the potential for results or what a swell guy/gal the clean energy person is, but nothing short of a proven track record of successful greenhouse gas reductions and energy savings should be offered as evidence that a clean energy guide’s methodologies actually work.  

You’ll find my track record amply demonstrated and proven by clicking here: https://earthkindenergy.com/results/ 

Now, let me be frank with you…  

If you can find someone who can demonstrate bankable client results like the ones you’ll see on the above webpage AND who offers to work with you for a month without you risking a cent (see Reason #1 above) then I recommend you look at them as an option for your clean energy systems.  

However, if someone fails to offer you a Risk Reversal Guarantee and/or they do not provide evidence of their clients enjoying bankable results, then I’d recommend you steer well clear of them.

Because it’s highly likely they can’t deliver on their promises.  

Reason #3: I bring unparalleled and nationally acclaimed experience

For over 30 years – well before the current green energy wave – I have helped communities, non-profit organizations, government agencies & authorities, small businesses and Fortune 1000 corporations take their next step to reduce their greenhouse gases – and save money – with leading edge clean energy technologies, tax and cash incentives, and innovative financing. 

I’ve provided expert testimony to governmental policy makers and spoken to tens of thousands of individuals.

Do a google search on Ron Kamen – and you’ll see some of the thousands of events and activities.

I’ve been professionally active in clean energy policy, programs, and projects for 39 years.  

I doubt that you’ll be able to find anyone with that depth of clean energy experience.  

Reason #4: AWESome EarthKind Energy is specifically for people seeking to reduce their carbon footprints – and save money – with clean energy.

This is very important!  

Moving to clean energy is more like buying a house than purchasing a smart phone.

That means you need to understand how the clean energy technology will give you better performance – at close to the same or reduced cost.

With AWESome EarthKind Energy, I show you how to move from understanding your current energy costs (ANALYZE) to creating a plan (STRATEGIZE) and to taking effective action (ENERGIZE).

I help lead you through the process from “this is how it’s always been done” with fossil fuels –   to one of seeing clean energy as your very best choice.  

I call this the AWESome EarthKind Energy method. It’s a Clean Energy Action methodology where I show you how to identify the best products, incentives and financing that will reduce or eliminate your greenhouse gas emissions, improve your family’s health– and save you money.

When you select clean energy systems, it’s critical that you find a specialist who knows how to select the right technologies, products, installers, and financing options to meet your unique needs.

If you work with companies who only offer their particular products, it’s inevitable that they’ll struggle to offer you such customized advice for your unique situation.

Reason #5: AWESome EarthKind Energy generates long term financial, health, & environmental security

I know I wrote about this in the introduction on the page, but it’s worth repeating.  

Imagine this: you wake up on a Saturday morning, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and check your clean energy app.  

Your eyes light up and a smile comes to your face as you see your clean energy systems creating carbon & emission free energy for all your electricity, heating, cooling and transportation needs.

That’s what AWESome EarthKind Energy creates.  

What’s even better, your kids talk about how your family is helping to “save the world” – and your neighbors admire you, learn from you, and propagate the positive change throughout your community. 

That’s what you call an exponential positive impact.

When you make the complete clean energy transformation, you’ll have all the fossil fuels out of your home. With clean electricity powering everything – one thing you won’t need any longer is a carbon monoxide detector (because you won’t be burning fossil fuels in your furnace, boiler, or stove).

Your indoor air quality will also be better, and you and your kids will breathe easier.

And just in case you’re missed it, AWESome EarthKind Energy is all about creating clean energy systems that save you money. The ultimate goal is to completely eliminate the carbon emissions from your electricity, heating, cooling, cooking and transportation – and wipe out your electricity, heating, and transportation bills. 

Reason #6: The “Zero Carbon Plan” -The average family is responsible for 5 tons (10,000 pounds) of carbon emissions per year. You CAN make a big difference.

One of the reasons that people feel overwhelmed by climate change is that they don’t think they can make a difference, don’t know what to do, and think it will cost too much to eliminate their carbon footprints.

You’ve got better things to do with your time, things that are more suited to your personality and expertise.  

Once I’ve shown you how to analyze and strategize your clean energy systems, I’ll show you how to energize and eliminate  the ~90% of your greenhouse gas emissions that are from your energy consumption. 

This is as close to sustainability heaven as you’ll ever get: your electricity, heating, cooling, cooking and transportation will be coming from sustainable energy sources. The technology is mostly solid state, has almost no maintenance, and – depending on your choice of financing – will either completely eliminate your energy expenses,  or will save you money while you make a positive environmental impact. 

Almost every other approach will suggest that you do everything by yourself, or with only one piece of the puzzle. With the AWESome EarthKind Energy system, you’ll have a customized clear path toward a zero-carbon life that suits your family’s unique situation.

You can try to do it by yourself, will tell yourself that you will do the research and figure out the actions by yourself.  But most people will find that they just don’t have the time, interest, and expertise – and you’ll keep on doing what you’ve always done.

Of course, other recommendations will sound rational and logical, and you’ll probably nod your head telling yourself that you will get more disciplined, will make the time, and will learn about the technology and options. But the reality is that you will do the things that you were born to do and not the things that someone else tells you that you need to do to create a sustainable clean energy lifestyle. And your carbon footprint – and energy expenses – will stay the same.

So, give into your own nature and choose a path that lets you quickly and effectively learn what you need to and empowers you to take quick, effective action. 

And there’s more: you’ll feel happier, more energized and more fulfilled because you’ll be making an impact instead of feeling like you can’t do anything that will make a difference.

Do the core things that you were born to do instead of laboring under some self-induced guilt trip about the things you “should” do. As someone once said: “never should on yourself”.  

Reason #7: AWESome EarthKind Energy takes complicated methods and makes them simple

I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that some of my proven AWESome EarthKind Energy methods have a lot of moving parts.  

But everything in AWESome EarthKind Energy is delivered to you broken down into a step-by-simple-step process.  

For example, what I ask you to create your Clean Electricity path I’ll walk you through a 9-step sequence, one step at a time.  

And I’ll give you guides, templates and examples to make it easier and more effective for you to complete every one of those 9 steps.  

And that’s not all.  

I also meet with you personally, every week (apart from when you or I are on holiday) to talk with you and review your work plus I give you specific feedback of exactly what you need to change and how to change it, should you need that advice.  

AWESome EarthKind Energy makes the complicated simple, by breaking down every step into a simple, short and easier to achieve next step.

For instance – this is what the cash flow looks like over 20 years:

–  If you do nothing and stay with your utility – it will cost you $64,489
–  If you Own the solar without any tax or other incentives; you’ll save $38,889.
– Then there are different gyrations if you can take the tax credits; pay for the solar with a home equity loan; choose to lease; or sign a no-cash-down Power Purchase Agreement.

We’ll walk you through the options so that you’ll maximize your savings, minimize your brain damage, and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you made the right choice for your unique situation.

Reason #8: You get me, and you get my direct email and mobile phone number

A lot of people are surprised to learn that when they invest in AWESome EarthKind Energy  they get my close and personal attention.  

I dive into everything you are doing on the program personally. And not only do I personally lead the live support sessions every week (unless you or I are on holiday), I also give you my mobile phone number. The reason I’m comfortable with giving my clients my mobile phone number, regardless of how small or large their investment, is that they virtually never need it. 

That’s because the communication and support systems that you get with AWESome EarthKind Energy are such that it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to contact me outside of those options. But I want to provide evidence of the fact that I care and that I make myself accessible so that you know for certain you are not simply going to be another number lost in some sort of sales-processing conveyor belt. And that’s why you’ll get my direct email and mobile phone number. 

Reason #9: You get recordings of the complete program. So, even if you’re only ready to do one part now – you can access the materials at any time. And you can contact me with specific questions anytime after your paid program ends.

I never leave people on their own simply because their time is up.  

Depending on which program you’re joining, the promoted duration will be a defined number of weeks. Most likely it will be promoted as a 12-week program (unless you choose the new home or 1-on-1 consulting).

That is the timeframe that you can complete the program and if you give the program four hours of your time each week.  

However, you get to take as long as you need to complete the program.  

At time of writing I have one client, Deborah, in Long Island NY who has been asking me questions pretty much every month for the last 18 months.  

But as long as she’s getting value then I’m happy for her to keep asking questions and continuing to create clean energy systems for her family’s electricity, heating, cooling, cooking and transportation.

And besides, she’s one of the finest human beings that I know and she’s always giving quality ideas to others. 

And I’ll extend the same courtesy to you, as I have to Deborah and others.  

If you want to get through the program and the shortest possible timeframe, then commit more hours per week to the task. But, if you have an extended holiday, or you just get too busy, or God forbid you get sick, then don’t worry because you can have the recording and ask questions for as long as you need.  

I think that’s about it!  

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is simply no better choice for embedding proven, effective, clean energy systems into your home other than AWESome EarthKind Energy .  

Your Honor, I rest my case.