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Clean heat can be the key to reducing your home energy costs. Why use greenhouse gas producing sources when there are plenty of earth friendly energy sources available.

Bill Nowak NY-Geo

Power of Earth Geothermal Heating – Ep 8 – Driving Force in the Mass Adoption of Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pumps – with Bill Nowak, NY-Geo

Quantum Quote: “We need to put a sunset on fossil fuel use in our homes.” – Bill Nowak Are you aware that an average person in the United States emits 16 tons of climate-disrupting carbon dioxide every year? Statistics say that heating oil and gasoline are about 1 ½ times as problematic...

Eric Howarth Goodleap

Power of Earth Geothermal Heating – Ep 7 – Creating Home Sustainability Solutions with Innovative Financing with Eric Howarth, GoodLeap

Quantum Quote: “If everybody is thinking the same, then somebody isn’t thinking.” – General George Patton In this time of the pandemic, everything we do is done at home. Everyone’s inside and we’re at home for the whole day, therefore our energy consumption gets higher as well. Many people are...


Clean Heat Incentives

Whether you have a single family home, or a multifamily, small business, or commercial building – New York’s Clean Heat Programs can provide incentives to help you make your clean energy transition.

Clean Heat with National Grid

Clean Heat with National Grid

Where ever you live in New York State, your utility has an incentive program to help you reduce your heating, cooling and hot water costs. Whether you’re a gas or an electric residential, multifamily, small business, or commercial customer – New York mandated utility Clean Heat Programs can provide...

Geothermal Home

Clean Heating & Cooling

Burning any type of fossil fuel – whether it’s oil, coal, natural gas, propane, or wood -provides energy efficiencies that are significantly less than 100% efficient. A brand-new high-tech gas burner can reach efficiencies in the 97% range. But with older systems – and with hot water during the...

Power of Earth with Scott Smith

Power of Earth – Ep 4 – Clean Heat: Accelerating the Decarbonization of Buildings in New York State – with Scott Smith, NYSERDA

Quantum Quote: “The People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world  – are the ones who do.”  – Steve Jobs In the quest for the clean energy transition to a low-carbon economy, what do we consider a triple win? How about… customers save money, more jobs are...