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2021 – Our Bright Future is Here!

Episode 38

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Happy New Year & Welcome to the 2nd season of the AWESome EarthKind Energy Podcast!

Our goal is to empower & energize YOU to take the next step in your personal clean energy journey for your home, workplace and community.  

Almost every day, extreme weather events demonstrate the incredible power of the 4 elements – the Air  , Water   , Earth   , and Sun   . Our entire civilization is now at the tipping point. To divert the catastrophic consequences, we MUST make the transition to clean energy.

The GOOD News is that the AWESome Forces of Nature offer us a thousand times more energy than we need.

The BETTER News is that human ingenuity and innovation are harnessing these 4 Elements. We can now use this AWESome EarthKind Energy for all our electricity, heating, cooling, and transportation.

And the BEST News is… we can save money doing it!

2021 is promising to be the year that changes everything.

YOU, me, and the 7 Billion people on the planet are the 5th Element. Woman and Mankind – all “EarthKind – are beginning to take the personal, professional and political actions that can stop and reverse the catastrophic impacts of climate disruption – and create a brighter, healthier, more just and prosperous civilization for our children.

AWESome EarthKind is a community of people who want to learn how to move to clean energy and save money when they make the transition.

I’m Ron Kamen – your host & clean energy guide. For more than 3 decades, I’ve helped businesses, governments, non-profits and communities take their next step in clean energy transformations that reduce carbon footprints and save money. AWESome EarthKind is here to empower and energize YOU – so that you can take your next step.

In the last episode of 2020, we reviewed our first season’s topics:

  • Awareness, Hope, & Opportunity of clean energy technologies
  • Health Impacts and how clean energy technologies can reduce the risk of asthma & other respiratory illnesses
  • Efficiency & The Big 3 of Clean Energy: Renewable Electricity, Clean Heating & Electric Vehicles
  • The Business Voice & New Business Models that have created 3.4 Million American jobs – 3x more than those in the fossil fuel industry
  • Environmental Justice and how clean energy “empowers the people that most need the work with the ability to do the work that most needs doing”
  • Clean Energy Investments that provide superior returns while protecting & promoting your values
  • Starting your own Ecopreneur Business

You can help us create an even better program for year 2. Please go to and let us know what you’re most interested in learning.

Based on your feedback to date, Season 2 will focus on:

  • The Basics of how to access clean energy technologies and save money
  • Small Actions that make a big difference 
  • Specific steps we can each take to reduce energy costs with solar electricity, clean heating, and electric cars
  • Deep dives into utility and government incentives
  • How to evaluate your unique situation, build a vision of where you’d like to be, and create a strategy that will reduce your energy costs, improve your family’s health, and create a proud legacy for your grandchildren
  • How to generate additional income – or build your own clean energy business – without having to learn complex technologies – in the $13 TRILLION clean energy economy.

On our website,, you’ll discover a community of fellow AWESome EarthKind people who will answer your questions about clean energy – and help you figure out how to have an impact and save money in your personal transition.

AWESome EarthKind Energy releases new podcast episodes every Monday with interviews of fascinating EarthKind people doing AWESome things with clean energy.  We introduce you to individuals who are “walking the talk” and share SuperNova ideas that aim to entertain, enlighten, and inspire you.

You’ll hear what other homes, workplaces, and communities are doing to evolve to clean energy technologies, the challenges they faced, and the solutions they created.

On the podcast, we’ll explain how LED lightbulbs are so much more efficient that regular incandescent lights because LEDs provide the same visible light – without wasting 90% of the energy creating heat.

We’ll let you know that, wherever you live or work, you can have some type of renewable electricity. Even if you can’t put solar on your roof, there are other options on your property; additional ways to gain the benefits of solar in your community; and even options to purchase clean electricity from your utility or energy service company.

We’ll enlighten you with the knowledge that your refrigerator is one type of heat pump that we all have – and how you other types of heat pumps can you save money when you shift to clean heating & cooling in your home, school, and workplace. 

We’ll be examining air source heat pumps, which are simply air conditioners that both cool AND heat. 

We’ll be doing deep dives into the most efficient forms of heating and cooling – ground source, or geothermal heat pumps. You’ll hear how St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City installed a zero-emission, quiet, and comfortable geothermal system that was less expensive in upfront capital costs – and reduced their energy expenses by 30% 

And how geothermal systems under new homes, multi-family and office buildings are providing all the heating, cooling, and hot water for buildings as tall as 25 stories.

Lastly, we’ll be energizing you with the ability to transition to your choice of over 50 Electric Vehicles that are Faster, Cheaper & more Reliable than gas cars, trucks & SUVs.

We launched this podcast on Aug 6, 2020 – the 75th anniversary of humanity’s destructive use of nuclear power. 

Today, Covid-19 has given everyone on Earth a massive wakeup call that reminds us that life is short, and fragile. Our lives, and the lives of all we love and everyone we know, now depend on our making the transition to clean energy. 

Together, we are all now an AWESome Force of Nature. 

Thank you for joining with fellow AWESome EarthKind Energy people who are taking their next step to create a clean, safe, just, prosperous & sustainable future for our children & all future generations.

Please go to our website, Send us a message with your questions, comments and ideas. Take a survey telling us what you’d most like to hear, and gain the opportunity to win a high-efficiency  LED Light Fixture.

Please subscribe to our podcast on the platform of your choice, and rate and write a review us on i-Tunes.

You are AWESome, and we’re looking forward to meeting you.    

To take your next step toward the clean energy future you want – and our children need and deserve – please go to AWESome EarthKind dot com.

Go Clean, Save Green, and… Energize!

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Episode 38