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Clean Energy Demonstration Preview – with AWESome EarthKind’s Ron Kamen

Episode 26

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: “What is stopping YOU from taking your next step in moving to clean energy?”

Are you concerned about climate change and the extreme weather events that are more intense frequent?

Do you want to do something – but aren’t sure what to do, think that it won’t make a difference, and that it will cost too much?

Ron Kamen is the CEO of EarthKind Energy Consulting and the host of The  AWESome EarthKind Podcast. Ron’s life mission is to empower everyday people to make clean energy transitions to reduce their carbon footprint– and save them money. For more than three decades, Ron has energized communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses to take their next step and increase energy efficiency, use renewable energy, and lower electricity, heating & transportation costs. He’s now building an online community of AWESome EarthKind people ready to “Go Clean and $ave Green.”

Sign up for the free 90-minute AWESome EarthKind™ Clean Energy Demonstration to discover 3 simple actions you can take to start saving money and make the world a better place – without having to learn complex technology.

Supernova 1: Burning fossil fuels for our electricity, heat, and transportation is now the cause of ~90% of the greenhouse gases that are fueling extreme weather events around the globe – threatening our loved ones, all those we know, everyone currently alive – and all future generations.

Supernova 2: The AWESome EarthKind Energy system promotes solar at the main power source for the vast majority of our energy needs. The Sun provides us with a thousand times more energy than we need, and solar electricity has now become the CHEAPEST source of power on the planet. In the Clean Energy Demonstration, Ron will show you the 4 different ways you can get solar on your home, and the pros and cons of Owning, Taking a Loan, having a Lease, or signing up for power purchase agreements that immediately save you money with no-cash-down. 

Supernova 3: We start with Energy Efficiency, because “the cheapest energy is that which we don’t use”.   The simplest example is the lightbulb. In the incandescent lightbulbs that we grew up with, only 10% of the energy creates visible light, while 90% of the energy creates HEAT.  In a Light Emitting Diode – or LED Lightbulb – most of the energy creates visible light. That’s why we can replace a 100-watt incandescent bulb with a 23 watt LED lamp – and still have the same amount of light.  

Supernova 4: Most of us have been impacted by the more frequent and intense hurricanes, tornados, microbursts, floods, droughts, and fires. On the video episode section of the AWESome EarthKind website, you can listen to a few stories of some of the Weather Time Fudge experiences of our guests – and Ron’s family’s experience with a tornado in upstate New York.

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Episode 26