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Days of Future Past: Critical Transformations to Clean Energy – with Carl Nettleton

Episode 44

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: “The UN estimates that by 2050, approximately 3 billion people will require additional housing, 3d printers are being promoted as one potential solution.  In Shanghai, they’ve got 3d printers that made six houses in 10 days.”  – Carl Nettleton

Are you like most people and think about energy as a commodity? Have you ever thought to look at energy as a capital expenditure? 

Shifting how we look at energy and water can eliminate the risk of rising prices and provide huge financial savings.

“Helping people to think” is what Carl Nettleton and Nettleton Strategies is all about. Carl is an award-winning writer, acclaimed speaker, and a subject matter expert regarding water, climate, sustainability, the ocean, and binational U.S. – Mexico affairs. He has been working on the topics of water, climate, energy, and oceans, and its connection to clean energy for over 3 decades, and Nettleton Strategies is a trusted source of analysis and advice on issues at the forefront of public policy, business, and the environment.  

Carl is a California Chapter Director of E2 – the Environmental Entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of a non-government organization currently focused on solving the ocean plastic crisis – OpenOceans Global – fueled by unified and empowered global communities.

They say that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Sometimes, history shows us the things to come decades ahead of their emergence into everyday life.  

Carl originally got interested in clean energy as kid when he read an article about climate change – in the 1950s!. Through combining passion, experience, and knowledge, Carl makes it possible for the public to consume energy in a cheaper – and cleaner –  manner.

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SuperNova #1. “I think one of the challenges is that we’ve got to recognize that there are limits to the resources that are available to us. We’ve got an economy that’s built on consuming a lot of energy that for all the things that we’d like and need to have, it’s going to require more and more energy, and we can’t be blind to that. We’ve got to figure out what’s real about the future of resources and how much are available to us. It is not endless.”

SuperNova #2.“We really have to have people understand that the transition to clean energy is critical… We have to figure out how to transition these industries that are a major part of our economy. It’s about an economic question, not an environmental one.”

SuperNova #3.“When you come into thinking about changing the energy mix in the world, you’re talking about changing the global economy in a major, major way.”

SuperNova #4“I wrote an article for  fortune several years ago.  A lot of what happened in Syria had to do with a serious drought that displaced 1.5 million people that had otherwise lived on agriculture. They ended up being in refugee camps around the major cities that made them susceptible to not having any money and being recruited by some of the rebel groups  like Al-Qaida and the others  that needed bodies.  Whether they were believers or not, they did it because they could make some money. Drought played a role in all of that unrest.”

Worst Clean Energy Moment:  “When I went to a Scripps institution of Oceanography conference and heard how the military plans  for what’s possible. People were worried because they knew that disruptions from climate change would cause unrest that would then lead to deploying the military.”

Best Advice he’s ever received: Think about energy not as a commodity, but as a capital cost.

Most Energized about today: The move of companies to recognize that their primary goal is no longer just to make as much money as they can –  they’ve got to address stakeholders interests, too.

Internet Resources: Non-US news services.  and register to receive The Nett Report to get important information about issues that affect us nationally and internationally. Primary among those will be the climate pandemic, as it affects health, global security, and our economic well-being, along with other information and insights of broad interest.

Parting Advice:

To solve any problem, we need to recognize that we have one. Everyone’s got to wake up. 


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Episode 44