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Episode 57

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Do you remember your grade school science class where your teacher discussed the concept of phase change materials? Have you ever heard of products that either absorb or produce heat depending on the change in ambient conditions? Do you want to know how you can transport food, medicines, and keep your rooms at your preferred temperature – without putting in a large amount of energy?

In a world where temperatures vary so dramatically from one location and season to the next, we need to manage heat. Vaccines and other pharmaceuticals need to be kept at a certain temperature. Food isn’t inviting if it’s delivered cold. Similarly ,buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions as we spend a tremendous amount of energy and money keeping comfortable temperatures.

 Govi Rao is the CEO of Phase Change Energy Solutions Inc. – a 10-year old manufacturing company based in North Carolina. Phase Change Energy Solutions creates smart materials that act as thermal batteries. Their storage systems maintain temperatures in small packages for pharmaceuticals and food, and save energy in rooms and buildings. Phase Change Solutions also contribute to decarbonization through energy efficiency and resiliency.

 Phase Change Solutions’ products are composed of plant-based bio materials that will last 75 to 100 years and won’t degrade. The products are easy to install, without any moving parts. They require zero maintenance, as thermal energy does all the job. You can just let it sit where the temperature should be managed, and voila! All the heating and cooling will be controlled. 

Listen to this episode as Govi guides you to the world of thermal batteries. 

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SuperNova #1. The simple aspect of saving energy today can be accomplished in more ways than one. While we wait for the next big thing, there are several things that are happening today that you can start and can help us get into energy savings. There are many solutions available today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. The time to wait is over. 

SuperNova #2. Eliminating waste is a big aspect of what we’re about and the materials we provide, and of course, everything that drives to making our living environments more comfortable while conserving energy and bringing resiliency. We continue to make an impact, and that’s what keeps us motivated every day. That’s exactly the reason why we get up and do what we do.  

SuperNova #3. Now it’s a question of scale. The more phase change bio PCM materials that we can make and put out there, the more carbon emissions we’re able to reuse, the better it is on the comfort level, more people are able to access food, food doesn’t get thrown away, and the impact of all these is less plastic is thrown away. 

Worst Career Moment: “The one that really changed me is when I had a road accident that literally killed me. I’m not quite sure if people around me thought I would survive. I spent several months in a hospital wired-up. That was in the peak of my youth. My face was all battered.” – Govi Rao

Aha! Moment: “I saw the impact my parents, grandparents, and people around me have made through people in the ecosystem, and my aha moment is that we can – as individuals – make an impact. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who made amazing impact.” – Govi Rao

Best Advice He’s Ever Received: “Do your best. Always.” – Govi Rao

Personal Habit that Contributes to Success: “Perseverance. Stay on it.” – Govi Rao

Internet Resource: Circular Economy at 

Book Recommendation:  Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl at 

Magic Wand: “Education.” – Govi Rao

Most Energized About Today: “The outlook in the US and around the world on future generations – what they stand for.” – Govi Rao

WTF or F: “I lived through a flood growing up in India where pretty much lots of the city got washed away. We survived; however, there was tremendous damage, and this happens more frequently especially for me. I’ve also been through a couple of earthquakes.” – Govi Rao

Parting Advice: “Make the change today. Take it on to make the change today. Don’t wait. There’s many ways each one of us can contribute. It doesn’t matter if you’re a middle school student or a high school student or a senior in college or a professional. Each one of us bears responsibility and I think we can all contribute to change. It’s an amazing life. It’s a gift. Let’s make the change happen.” – Govi Rao


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Episode 57