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Episode 11

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: The only thing you don’t need in a geothermal house is a carbon monoxide detector – because there is nothing being burned!

Are you a new homeowner looking for ways to save money for your HVAC system?

Does your school have an aged heating system and you are looking for ways to save on operating and utility costs?

Geothermal may save you money, especially if you heat with oil or propane, are constructing a new home or other building, or are a school with an aged heating system. 

Buildings consume 36% of the energy used in America. The Earth’s constant underground temperature can provide all our heat & air conditioning – without burning fossil fuels.

Jack DiEnna is an Ambassador for the US & International GeoThermal Heat Pump Industry. 

In this episode, Jack shares how we can save money with geothermal, and how new financing models are making geothermal even more affordable for our homes, schools, and other buildings.

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Supernova 1:  Commercial & non-profit buildings can get geothermal systems with zero cash. Third-parties will install & own the systems- you just pay for the energy delivered over time (“energy as a service”). Homes in some areas may have a similar opportunity. Jack is working to have utilities & other 3rd parties provide this same model everywhere.

Supernova 2: Many schools, US Department of Defense (DOD) bases, and other buildings already have geothermal. We just can’t see it because all the equipment is hidden underground and inside the buildings.

Supernova 3: Moving to Geothermal for 30% of our buildings would create 5 million jobs

Book Recommendation: Powerful Stuff by Rich Wilkins

Contact:  John (Jack) P DiEnna Jr. jdienna@geo-nii.org 610-659-4998 https://geo-nii.org/ 

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Episode 11