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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: “We have the technologies that we need. The challenge is on the human side. We have to have the political will. That’s often harder than the technological side or the financing.

Do you want to move to clean energy & save money? Would you like a fine wine that is resilient, organic, and helps fight climate change?

Regenerative agriculture with organic farming can provide our food supplies with greater resiliency against extreme weather events – and draw carbon down out of the atmosphere.

Today, solar and wind can supply low cost clean power for all our daily needs. Suzanne’s 7th generation family farm produces fine wines using solar electricity, geothermal heating & cooling, and electric car chargers.

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Supernova 1:   The number one factor of whether someone has solar is not income nor education –  it is how close you live to someone else who has solar.

Supernova 2:  Home owners gained zero heating costs in rural upstate New York when local banks first started offering loans for solar projects – then provided 0% loans for geothermal heating systems if residents moved their home mortgages to the bank. 

Supernova 3:  Always be a good consumer. Check things out with friends & make it fun by researching it together. Get several quotes and compare. Talk to your local bank about ways to reduce your financing costs. Join an online forum and find a community to help answer your questions.

Supernova 4:  Take a holistic approach and try to solve different problems at the same time. If you have an old house, insulate it first to make it more comfortable and reduce the size of the heating system. If you’re doing solar and can use more storage, build a lean-to shed or other structure for the solar – and gain the storage area underneath.

Supernova 5:  Regenerative Farming with organic soil provides the opportunity to draw down carbon and improve resiliency. 

Supernova 6:  While the Air, Water, Earth & Sun (the Forces of Nature that AWES us) can supply clean electricity, heat & hot water and reduce carbon emissions by ~ 90% – Advanced biofuels can supply the remaining clean fuel replacements for aviation, shipping & heavy duty equipment.

Internet Resource: The Bee Report:   

The American solar grazing association 

Climate-Resilient Fine Wine: Uncharted Terroir:

Book Recommendation:  The Hidden Life of Trees – Peter Wohlleben Peter Wohlleben


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Episode 13