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Episode 28

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote:: “As we rolled into the future, I saw technology starting to develop, I’m a technologist and kind of a green energy geek. I love technology around creative ways to generate electricity and make the transformation away from fossil fuels over the long term.”

How would you feel if you were one of the first adopters of the ‘cars from the future’? 

Imagine being involved in the baby stages of an electric car revolution — traveling during the time when electric driving wasn’t that popular yet…

Rob Greenlee, VP of Content and Partnerships at and, is a well-known evangelist of the podcasting industry. He is working with content creators, platforms like Spotify, Google, and the big listening platforms around the world.

In this episode, Rob talks about being one of the early adopters/owners of electric cars. He shares how scifi TV shows influenced him to buy his very first electric vehicle — a Nissan Leaf – and what inspired him to be an advocate of the clean energy electric car revolution.

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SuperNova #1: “If you go very back to my childhood, I kept seeing TV shows talking about the future. Space 1999 was a good example. When I was a little kid, they had an electric vehicle in that TV series. It had a bubble shaped vehicle that – back in the 80’s – was like looking into the future.”

SuperNova #2: “I only paid $34,000 for my first LEAF. When the Model S came out, they said it was only going to be like $49,000, but when it was released, it was more like $110,000. So I’m glad I didn’t put down my $5000 down payment on a Tesla. But I did proceed to buy a bunch of Tesla stocks for $26 bucks when it went public. So, I’m a proud beneficiary of Tesla stock now.”

SuperNova #3: “The early model LEAF didn’t have environmental controls of the battery compartment area to keep the lithium batteries cool. That was one of the downsides of the LEAF at the time (but it’s been corrected now). What it does is create a difference in the capacity of the battery at different times of the year. In the Seattle area, where I lived, there was a lot of fluctuation in the seasons and temperature.”

Worst Clean Energy Moment: When the auxiliary battery died it would cause the dashboard to flicker on and off.

Ah-Ha:  The first time he drove an electric car. Fast, Quiet. Cool.

Best Advice: To be thoughtful about others. To listen to others and be a good person to other people.

Personal Success: Wanting to meet other people and help other people. Build trust and relationships with people.

Internet Resources: Wayback Machine website resource.

Book Recommendation: “How to Profit from Podcasting” by Dave Jackson

Magic Wand: Overcome the challenges we have in our culture around race relations.

One thing that Energizes Rob today: The opportunities that are out there for anyone who wants to build a brand, a reputation and build a career for whatever they have a passion for.

Parting Advice: Chase your passions. It keeps you excited in your life. These are challenging times that we live in, so living in your passions is really the best thing that we can do for our mental health. And just stay positive.


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Episode 28