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Solar Car Ports & Electric Car Chargers – with Sass Peress, Founder of iSun Energy

Episode 30

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: “I’m an innovation architect. I like innovating. As regards to clean energy and clean mobility, I don’t think you can have mobility without clean energy.”

Everyone wants to improve our shared planet in a way that leaves it better for our children.

How would you like your community, workplace or home to  be empowered in the energy revolution with distributed clean energy sources, increased mobility options, and improved communications – saving money, increasing resiliency, and creating positive health & environmental impacts?

If you wish to take your next step to a sustainable and healthy future for our children and families through clean mobility and carbon free air quality. – you’ll be interested in the iSun Energy & Mobility Hub.

Sass Peress is the founding president and CEO of iSUn Energy. Named by Ernst and Young as a finalist in their “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in Canada, Sass is frequently featured as an energy and electric vehicle strategy expert in the media, and regularly advises business and government leaders on the potential of renewable energy and electrification strategies. 

He is a social entrepreneur motivated to elevate the discussion on how to ‘make a difference’ and do better each and every day.

Inspired by the core values of innovation, exceeding expectations, integrity, commitment and the creation of shared value for all. Sass crafts unique approaches to the marketing of solar systems worldwide by paying more attention to the “watt for” than the “watts”. 

In this episode, Sass takes us to a whole new level of discussing solar energy – how important and beneficial it is for you and the environment. He discusses the misperception that Electric Vehicles and Solar Energy Carports are inconvenient and expensive – and how that misunderstanding hinders your mobility.

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SuperNova #1: [Aren’t EV’s and solar are too expensive than fossil fuels?] “What we have is an imbalance in value sets. In fossil fuels, you have to create secure shipping lanes and channels, and you expand emissions. We don’t have a level playing field, because when it comes to solar energy, you don’t have those issues. Nobody’s ever attacked a solar farm or created a war over a solar farm. So there’s an imbalance in the costs allocated to the different energy sources”

SuperNova #2: [What people should watch for when they move to clean energy?] “Nothing. Solar is the fastest-growing industry in the world today. Jobs are being lost in coal, jobs are being lost in oil – but jobs are not being lost in solar. That’s for sure.” 

Worst Clean Energy Moment: My worst moment was when I had to sell off a part of the company that was no longer sustainable and 30 jobs were affected. 

Ah-Ha: In 1999, I sat in front of an iMac. And I looked at it and I went: “iSun”, and registered the brand before the iPod, iPad, iPhone, or everything else “i”. Then we launched the original iSun solar mobile charger with the sun brand in 2002. We went to Radio Shack and they said: “when can we have it and how many?” It was amazing.

Best Advice: Listen more than you speak.

Personal Success: Tenacity – don’t quit.

Internet Resources:

Book Recommendation: The Power Of Intention By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Magic Wand: No more fossil fuels.

WTF or F:  Ice storm in Montreal in 2002. It was horrendous. All the power was knocked out. And that was a moment I said, ‘If only we had solar on our home and a battery, life would have changed. No food would have been lost, we would have stayed in the home instead of moving out.’ 

One thing that Energizes Sass today: The adoption rate of clean energy and clean mobility is going up every day. And that energizes me.

Parting Advice: Don’t quit. If you have a dream, go for it and be tenacious about it. Understand you’re going to have setbacks. There is no straight line to success.


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Episode 30