Solar That’s Not “Too Good to Be True” – with Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS IT

Episode 24

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: “When my friend came in and proposed a solar solution, number one, I trusted him fully. But sometimes when someone tells you something that seems too good to be true, it seems like it is. But when I checked with my bank and my CPA, they said he told me the 100% truth. Over two years has passed since we turned the solar on – and it’s all true. It’s unbelievable.” – Anthony Mongeluzo

Have you looked into going solar but have been scared because it “sounds too good to be true”? Do you have naysayers telling you that you “need to watch yourself” because “you’re going to get ripped off”? Have you been told that “these solar companies are fly-by-nights”  and “nothing is that good”?

Anthony Mongeluzo is the president of PCS, a 150+ person, national Information Technology services and support company based in New Jersey that helps businesses, nonprofits, and government entities with their technology needs. PCS offers true monthly fixed fee support, project based work, help desk, outsourced CIO, and general consulting for any technology need. Aside from general IT solutions, they also help with risk assessment, education on cyber security, and IT budgeting.

In this episode, Anthony shares how he moved to clean energy when he bought his office building and a trusted friend told him that he should go solar. He shares the due diligence he did with this accountant and bank, and how he now “can’t say enough good things about solar”.

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Supernova 1: “I went to solar one, because we’re environmentally friendly. If you look at the amount of trees that we’re saving, carbon offsets, things of that nature – it’s a tremendous impact for the environment. But financially, there’s a tremendous impact as well.”

Supernova 2: “The system we subscribe to takes those Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs, and sells them. On average, we’re getting $10,000 a month. In August, it might be 14 to 15 thousand dollars, and December it might be 6 – but averaging out, we’re looking at 10 grand a month in money that comes wired right to my bank account.”

Supernova 3: “When people drive past our building, we’re one of the few buildings in Morristown, New Jersey that has solar. So it also creates a little purple cow. Everyone stops when they see that purple cow, because you don’t see that too often. It gives a little extra attention to our business.Without saying anything, we’re showing that we’re environmentally friendly, and that we’re innovative. There are some intangibles that you don’t think about when you’re doing the project.” 

Supernova 4:  “Make sure  you have your professionals lined up. You need to have the right banker. A lot of banks will not mortgage solar. If you’re going to buy a building and you’re planning on doing solar down the line, make sure the bank holding the mortgage will help you.

Supernova 5:  “Know your town. Your municipality can create a lot of bureaucratic hurdles and delay your project by months”. 

Book Recommendation: “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Advice: “Never give up” and “hustle”

Contact: . Anthony Mongeluzo at, connect with him on Twitter @PCS_AnthonyM, or visit

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Episode 24