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Quantum Quote: “Head down. Keep going.” – Will Contento

The least expensive and most climate-friendly energy is that which we don’t use. The first thing we should always do is use energy efficiency techniques and technologies to reduce energy consumption and waste. When we’re constructing a new building or renovating the envelope of an existing building, it’s wise to install sheathing systems that eliminate air and water leaks, improve structural integrity, and increase thermal efficiency. 

Will Contento is a regional sales manager for Huber Engineered Woods. Huber is the creator of the ZIP system – a revolutionary building envelope technology that is structurally equivalent to plywood sheathing and creates a built-in vapour permeable, water resistant barrier that decreases air and energy leakage by 40% compared to conventional house wraps. By reducing energy waste, the ZIP system can save up to 20% in annual heating and cooling costs on the average American home.

Get ready to hear a story that will inspire you to save money with efficiency and clean energy!

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SuperNova #1. “We’re trying to achieve high performance, energy efficient systems that quality builders and remodelers care about from start to finish – and that’s really where the conversation starts. If you care about the overall shell to your home and the critical details that go into creating a quality home – this is where the ZIP system and Huber is a match.” 

SuperNova #2. “The products really do speak for themselves.” 

SuperNova #3. “Don’t be scared. If you’re jumping into a career path that’s brand new for you or something that you’ve never been involved with before – just go forward. Life’s too short, so If you think it’s the right thing, go for it.”

One Unique Tip Tool or Tactic that Most People Need to Know but Don’t: “The biggest thing is you’ve got to keep in touch with your key builders, your architects, your framers – everybody that you work with.” 

Worst Career Moment: “I guess my worst moment was the first week of my career. I was just a Business Administration degree holder and no experience in the field prior to Huber. The best way to put it would be drinking from a firehose. I’ve never been more worried about something in my life. It was all brand new to me, and I was scared. I really was.” 

Aha! Moment: “I reached out to a builder that I have been targeting for a while. I started a conversation- ‘Hey! I’m Will from Huber. I know you don’t use our stuff a lot, but I’m wondering if there is an opportunity for me to at least show you some of our product. It wound up that he went to the same college. Right then and there, we had a connection where he was confident speaking with me, and he was like, ‘Hey, I wanna bring you in and talk more about Huber’”.

Best Advice He’s Ever Received: “Tell the truth. Just be confident and tell the truth. And if you don’t have the answer to something, ask for help.”

Personals Habits that Contribute to Success: “Energy. You can probably tell that I drink a lot of caffeine too. I’ve got the natural energy, but the stimulants also help out a little bit. So…Just the energy and passion that I bring to every day.”

Internet Resource: The company’s website: www.huberwood.com 

Book Recommendation: Boston Globe

Magic Wand: “Two things: One obviously is bring back normalcy, right? Number two is just ELE (Everybody Love Everybody). With so much hate, everything that’s going on in the world, people should not be judging and love everyone.” 

WTF or F: “There’s no really one particular experience. Anytime I can, I will try to get some warmth sitting at the beach with some type of frozen cocktail at my hand.” 

Most Energized About Today: “One thing I’m most energized today is being on here. Everything, so far, has been pretty good. Just all around.” 
Parting Advice: “If you’re not on social media and you’re in this industry, you’re definitely missing out.”


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Episode 55