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The Best Solution for Sustainable Mobility – with Brandon Bartneck of FEV

Episode 66

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote:” “The obstacle is the way.” – Ryan Holiday

98% of American’s daily trips measure less than 50 miles.  Do you know that plugging in an electric vehicle into a normal 120V socket overnight can provide 200 miles of range? This means that most of us can wipe out our gasoline consumption and eliminate 40% of our total carbon footprints simply by switching to an electric car. 

But however you move around – people will still have accidents, either dying or getting injured on their way.  And so even a transition to electric vehicles will not by itself create safe travel.

How do we get to safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions in the near future, both for humans’ sake and the environment? What are the best ways to clean up mobility and provide real solutions for a more sustainable future?

Check out this week’s AWESome EarthKind Energy podcast, where we interview Brandon Bartneck, the Director of FEV North America’s New Business Development & Marketing sector.

Brandon Bartneck aims to achieve his personal mission of developing a safer and more sustainable future through his work at FEV and his hosting of “The Future of Mobility” podcast.

FEV is a leading global engineering service provider for sustainable energy and mobility solutions, supporting vehicle and propulsion system engineering in nearly all application segments. Brandon leads marketing activities in North America and helps drive the push into new application sectors and new technology areas.

The Future of Mobility podcast he hosts is a weekly interview-style series highlighting the people and technology helping to develop and implement safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions. His guests include leaders throughout the mobility sector.

Brandon earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and is now living in the metro-Detroit area with his wife, son, and dog.

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SuperNova #1.  “The importance of firsthand experience and putting yourself out there. When I had identified that spoken communication is a weak spot for me, and because I was so much into sales and marketing that I lost touch with technology and trends, the solution I came up with was starting this podcast which forced me to want to get better at speaking and dive in to these topics.”

SuperNova #2. “Coming from an engineering background, it’s not something that is commonly understood that you’re talking to people who are in business positions and in decision-making positions, but even the potentially clearly black and white rational decisions are influenced by more than just what’s on the paper.”

 SuperNova #3. “When I was playing quarterback. More than just my role, my job is to be a leader and an athlete on the field, not just being a rigid kind of fill in the blocks. When I think about my role now in the space, I certainly have responsibilities in the business space and marketing space, but I need to have an awareness and understanding that first and foremost, I’m representing myself and the company as someone who is trying to make an impact in this industry.”

 Worst Career Moment: “We lost the first big opportunity to a competitor.That was a great experience that forced me to reflect and figure out where within my role are the weak spots and where I could improve what I’m doing. That led to one year of a really intense reflective process.” – Brandon Bartneck

 Best Advice He’s Ever Received: “Be an athlete.” – Brandon Bartneck

Personal Habit that Contributes to Success: “Reviewing and self-reflection; understanding what skills, attributes, perspective etc. required for a given situation scenario and trying to actively pursue and gain those skills.” – Brandon Bartneck

Internet Resource: Seth Godin’s blog at

 Book Recommendation: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius at

 Magic Wand: “Change all the ways that we’re moving people around, from your vehicle that’s sitting outside to everything else that is transporting stuff and make it something that’s not impacting the environment.” – Brandon Bartneck

 WTF: “When I was living down in South Carolina, we had a hurricane come through which led to me leaving the town for what I call a hurrication up to the hills in South Carolina. I was able to spend some time hiking, watching football, etc. My wife, on the other hand, worked in a hospital as a nurse, so she was not able to leave with us and was in the hospital for 72 hours straight.” – Brandon Bartneck

 Most Energized About Today: “I have a five-month old – my first child, and it really changes the perception of finding meaning in these problems. I think that really helps to energize and provide a level of purpose because I’m thinking now beyond my own life and beyond my own impact.” – Brandon Bartneck

Next Step: “With FEV, I’m pretty excited that I have a global key account role, and I’m actually now transitioning and focusing on non-automotive sectors.” – Brandon Bartneck

 Parting Advice: “If you’re trying to make an impact on the environment, especially in the mobility space, I urge you to keep an open mind and perspective. Just because something has an engine, it doesn’t mean that it’s the worst thing possible.” – Brandon Bartneck


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Episode 66