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Episode 74

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Hosted by
Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Do you want to create the clean energy future we need to make the world safe for yourselves, your children, and all future generations?

Do you know that solar energy can supply up to 40% of the nation’s electricity – within 15 years? Yes, that’s true! The US Department of Energy’s recent study, called Solar Futures (, found that solar – our cheapest and fastest-growing source of clean energy – could produce enough electricity to power all of the homes in the U.S. by 2035 – and employ as many as 1.5 million people in the process!

However, while the goal is achievable, we need coordinated national action to get there.

In order to achieve this level of decarbonization, the US must not only install an average of 30 gigawatts of solar capacity per year between now and 2025 — double our current rate — and 60 gigawatts per year from 2025 to 2030. To get to this next level of change will require policy advances.

Together, we are now an AWESome force of nature. We are literally changing the world. Every phone call that you make to your US Congress and Senate representatives is interpreted as representing the viewpoints of 1,000 people in your community.

Pick up that phone, take part in this Earth’s journey towards becoming a safe place to live in, and let your government know you want a clean energy future.

Go clean, save green, and energize today!

Ron Kamen is your host and clean energy guide here in AWESome EarthKind Podcast. For more than 3 decades, he has helped businesses, governments, non-profits, and communities take their next step in clean energy transformations that allow people to reduce carbon footprints and save money. Ron guides us all to empower and energize ourselves through AWESome EarthKind Podcast – so that wherever we are on the clean energy spectrum, we can take our next step to a healthier and more sustainable future.

In this episode, Ron focuses on the human loss and financial cost of climate disruption, alongside the importance of government policy to lead the way to a bright future. Here, he cites the US Department of Energy’s recent study called Solar Futures and President Biden’s plan to spend $1 trillion to fortify infrastructure nationwide including electrical grids, water, and sewer systems to better defend against extreme weather.

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Watch one of “The Power of Earth with Comfort” from Climate Master webclasses: 

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Topics Covered:

01:07 – Ron recalls that day over a week ago when his colleagues informed him about two different climate disasters – a major tornado in New Jersey and an 8’ water flood in New York which altogether took away 89 people’s lives and left a damage cost of over $50 billion across the country in total.

03:30 – Ron mentions the International Panel on Climate Change’s report about the changes in the Earth’s climate in every region and across the whole climate system, and talks about the government’s role to stabilize & reverse these dramatic changes.

05:10 – Ron quotes Solar Futures – a study released by the US Department of Energy last week.

11:12 – What can we do to be part of reversing the Earth’s dramatic change and become safe, clean, & prosperous?

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Episode 74