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How Regenerative Agriculture Helps Solve the Climate Crisis – with E2 Policy Advocate Nicole Lederer

Episode 49

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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

Quantum Quote: “Character is destiny.” – Greek Philosopher Heraclitus

We are all contributors to carbon emissions. Moving to clean energy technologies can reduce the emissions that are responsible for 90% of greenhouse gases.

But even if we completely stop emitting greenhouse gases today, we would still suffer extreme weather and other impacts from the current amounts of carbon that were dumped into the air since the dawn of the industrial revolution. 

How can we effectively and cost-efficiently go “carbon negative” – and remove carbon out of the atmosphere? 

How can we monetize carbon removal and create new value streams for the most cost-effective solutions?

Regenerative agriculture can create climate solutions that take us into a safer & more sustainable world. 

Listen to today’s episode and get to know how Nicole Lederer and the Environmental Entrepreneurs work to make this brighter future probable.

Nicole Lederer is the Chair and Co-Founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) where she provides communication platforms for business leaders to advance strong environmental policies that are good for the environment and good for the economy. E2 establishes strategic collaboration between business, the military, agriculture, and environmental leaders, and engages with legislators at both the state and national levels.

Nicole is a policy advocate, and this is mirrored by how E2 promotes policies to foster sustainable climate, energy, transportation, water, land use, and agricultural practices and technologies that advance a clean economy. E2 partners with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) where Nicole serves as a trustee.

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SuperNova #1. “Companies are increasingly looking not only to offset ongoing emissions, but to offset past emissions-  to go carbon negative. I can’t think of any better place to go than American farmers to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.”  – Nicole Lederer

SuperNova #2. “I have learned one thing above all else  in this work that I’ve done with so many partners, and that is ‘never assume that the person who is supposed to be your enemy is your enemy’. There is a way forward to find common ground with others in almost all cases. If you don’t work hard to find the common ground, you’re leaving a major opportunity on the table… Nobody gets anything done by themselves.” – Nicole Lederer

SuperNova #3. “When you can find common ground with the traditional adversary, that’s gold, and you need to stay on that until you find a way forward with them. It’s not like everybody’s going to be your most valuable ally, but a lot more of them could be a more valuable ally than what you have ever thought from what people told you.” – Nicole Lederer 

SuperNova #4. “Just pay attention to what you care about… I care about nature. I care about the natural world. I have always felt that it was the bottom line of life.” – Nicole Lederer

SuperNova #5.  “The idea that we can look to traditional opponents for expertise and guidance on how to find a path forward has informed everything I have done. It led me to recognize opportunities that I wouldn’t have recognized otherwise. For example, jumping in with both feet to celebrate, amplify, and support the department of defense’s climate and clean energy initiatives, which led to years of very beneficial collaboration and progress on issues that concern everyone.” – Nicole Lederer

Aha! Moment: The founding of E2 was when the traditional enmity between environmentalists and business leaders was realized to be bogus, and it was all getting everybody nowhere. The idea that we can look to traditional opponents for expertise and guidelines on how to find a path forward has informed everything Nicole has done since then, and led her to recognize opportunities that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

Best Advice she’s ever received: “Don’t buy the question. Just because they asked you something doesn’t mean that you have to answer what they asked right away.”

Personal Habit that Contributes to Success: “Perseverance. I will keep coming at you until some personal resolution is achieved. I won’t get tired. Nothing happens overnight.” – Nicole Lederer

Internet Resource: E&E Publication (Energy and Environment Publication) / E&E News / E&E Daily

Book Recommendation: Waste: One Woman’s Fight Against America’s Dirty Secret by Catherine Coleman Flowers

Magic Wand: “I would like to get rid of this virus. I would like to never have a pandemic again.” – Nicole Lederer

WTF: The sun never rose in the bay area; instead, it was a blood-red sky that lasted for hours until the sun set. There was just a dome around the bay area, with the color just staying at dark red.

Most Energized about today: It is the fact that we have a federal government that is reality and science-based who takes the challenges we’re facing seriously and doesn’t attempt to tell lies about them.

Parting Advice: “I encourage everyone to recognize that policy is extremely important to the evolution and outlook of their businesses, that they should not leave it to others, that they should get involved, and that they can use E2 as a platform to do that.” – Nicole Lederer


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Episode 49