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Earth Power for our Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

The largest heat storage system in the world is right under our feet. For billions of years, the earth has been absorbing the sun’s energy. The planet’s constant temperature just a few feet underground can meet all our heating, cooling, and hot water needs — with a minimum amount of energy to move the heat into or out of our buildings.

Geothermal — or ground source — heating and cooling is the most efficient way to heat, cool, and create hot water, and can provide savings up to 70% less than traditional technologies. While burning any type of fossil fuel (oil, coal, natural gas, propane, or wood) is significantly less than 100% efficient — heat pumps create heat, air conditioning, and hot water with efficiencies of 200% to 500%.

Virtually everyone has a least one type of air source heat pump — our refrigerator. Heat pumps use compression and expansion to move heat from one location (inside the box) to the outside via heat dispersion coils.

An air conditioner is another type of heat pump that moves the heat from inside our buildings to the outside air. An Air Source Heat Pump is an Air Conditioner that reverses that process during the winter to move heat from the outside air into our buildings. Cold Climate Heat Pumps can now concentrate heat with air temperatures as low as minus 15 F.

A Ground Source — or Geothermal — Heat Pump does the same thing. But, instead of starting with the ambient air temperature, a Geothermal System sends fluid into pipes underground to capture the earth’s constant temperature (~55 F in the northeast US). Heat Pumps then bump that warmth up to provide heat & hot water (or start with the 55F to provide cooling during the summer).

The AWESome EarthKind Energy podcast is launching a yearlong series of educational programming on Geothermal in 2021. “The Power Of Earth with Comfort” from ClimateMaster will inform you on:

* How geothermal heating and cooling can draw energy from the ground beneath our feet (for pennies)

*Why homeowners, businesses, and non-profits are making the switch.

* The secrets to secure utility incentives and federal tax credits to pay for a large portion of new geothermal systems

and much more …

If you’d like to discover how to save up to 70% on your energy bills — listen to the AWESome EarthKind Podcast on your favorite platform and go to our website: www.AWESomeEarthKind.com to find out how to sign up for the free interactive web class.

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

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