Independence Day

Happy Independence Week!

Dear Friends,

Happy Independence Week!

For over 100 years, one iconic symbol of American freedom has been our cars. Cars have been promoted as a means of freedom and mobility – and as symbols of speed, power, and virility.

In last week’s AWESome EarthKind episode, we shared how burning one gallon of gasoline emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide and how we spew out a pound of CO2 for every mile we drive. If we drive an average of 12,000 miles, we’re each putting 6 tons of CO2 into the air every year.

This week, we meet Brandon Bartneck. Brandon works for FEV –an internationally-recognized leader in the design and development of internal combustion engines, electric and alternative vehicle drive systems, and energy technology.

Some of the world’s largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) rely on FEV for the underlying technology of Connected, Automated, Shared, and Electric – or CASE vehicles. As Brandon shares, our exciting clean mobility future will come from the convergence of multiple diverse technology advances.

Is it time for your business to have a sustainability strategy?  Whether you are trying to increase your investor ESG rating, improve your environmental profile, or simply save money, every company should have a sustainability strategy.  We look at all aspects of your business and come up with a comprehensive sustainability plan for your company and relevant actions that you can take to help the environment and improve your bottom line.  

Why not look toward sustainable energy and find ways to make the most of it? 

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For billions of years, the earth has been absorbing nearly half the energy coming from the sun. Geothermal heating and cooling transfers that energy from the ground underneath our feet into our buildings.

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Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

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