Zip System House Wrap

The least expensive and most climate-friendly energy is that which we don’t use. The first thing we should always do is use energy efficiency techniques and technologies to reduce energy consumption and waste.

When we are constructing a new building or renovating the envelope of an existing building, it is wise to install sheathing systems that eliminate air and water leaks, improve structural integrity, and increase thermal efficiency. 

The ZIP system is a revolutionary building envelope technology that is structurally equivalent to plywood sheathing and creates a built-in vapor permeable, water resistant barrier that decreases air and energy leakage by 80% compared to conventional house wraps.

By reducing energy waste, the ZIP system can save up to 20% in annual heating and cooling costs on the average American home.

In this week’s AWESome EarthKind podcast, we hear from Will Contento of Huber Engineered Woods the creator of the Zip System. Check out the full presentation here.

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