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Ron Kamen

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with communities, governments, non-profits, and businesses.

For more than 3 decades, I’ve helped businesses, governments, non-profits, and communities take their next step in clean energy transformations that reduce carbon footprints and save money. The goal of the AWESome EarthKind Podcast is to empower and energize YOU – so that, wherever you are on the clean energy spectrum, you can take your next step to a healthier & more sustainable future.

We’re going to do something a bit different today.  Instead of an interview – I’m going to just give you my perspective on the human race – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Fear. And what gives me hope.

A lot of people have been telling me that they don’t think we’re going to make it. That their children don’t believe they have a future. That the world is literally going to hell.

Today, you are I live on a planet that is being torn apart. In addition to the fear, anger and hatred being fueled by tribalism, ignorance, and social media – we are witnessing droughts, extreme heat, and wildfires that are literally burning down whole communities. At the same time, the increasing number and intensity of floods, Superstorms, and tornados batters our entire civilization from one side of the planet to the other.

It’s now very clear that woman and mankind- all EARTHKIND – are another Force of Nature. And our collective power is fueling our impending destruction.

Let’s be real – the probability that we will kill ourselves off is growing greater every day. We may wipe ourselves off the planet from our hatred of “the other” – because they live in a different country, or have different religious beliefs, or are in a different political party. Or… it may be because we refuse to make the changes, we need to stop destroying our planet’s life support systems. It is very likely that we won’t make it.

But – in episode #2 of AWESome EarthKind last year, I interviewed my friend and mentor, Denis Hayes.  Denis was the original organizer of the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, and he went on to help catalyze the worldwide celebration that now makes Earth Day the most celebrated international holiday on the planet. Over 1 billion Earthlings participate in local, state, national and international Earth Day events – 10 times more than the 100 million who watch the Superbowl.

As Denis so eloquently put it -– as long as we are here – there is ALWAYS hope.

But the opposite is even more true. When there is no hope, there is no action for change.

Without hope, the end of humankind –  with all our incredible potential – will truly become inevitable.

To have hope, we have to be able to imagine a possible future.  We have to believe that it is possible. 

And then we need to figure out how to transform our fears into effective action that can turn this dire situation around and create a path to a clean, healthy, just, and sustainable future.

In a little while, I’m going to share some clean energy stories that demonstrate that we CAN do it.

But first – I’m going to share a couple of personal stories that made me understand firsthand how human willpower and technology can be combined with the resilient powers of nature to save us.

My most recent demonstration comes from the combined power of technology & nature’s healing capabilities just a few weeks ago.

I have an arthritic hip. It wasn’t too many decades ago that the “bone on bone” pain would have made me a cripple for the rest of my life.

But on July 22nd – I got a bionic hip. While my wife’s 2 bionic hips had each required a week of recuperation in a hospital and rehab facility – my hip replacement was an out-patient operation. I was home walking with a cane in a few hours – and moving normally, without pain or a cane, within 2 weeks.  

Pretty amazing, right?

My other personal experience was my wife’s live liver transplant.  When she was facing imminent death after a long battle with liver disease, a Cornell-Columbia physician enlightened us to the fact that the liver is a renewable organ. You can give someone half your liver – and both parts grow back. 

I like to say that it’s like having your cake and eating it too. You give someone half your liver – and within 3 months yours is whole again.

But it’s even better – because “in giving we receive”. When you give someone half your liver, your regrown half is now brand new! So… you can drink like a 20-year-old again! 

All kidding aside – the fact that human will power, Nature’s incredible healing capabilities, and modern technology was able to transform my wife’s hopeless, deathly illness into a bright new healthy future gives me the hope and belief that we CAN turn around our dire climate situation. 

All we need is for people to decide to focus our collective effort on using our technologies to work together with the AWESome Forces of Nature – the Air, Water, Earth, and Sun – and our resilient planet can recover.

I started AWESome EarthKind to share the GOOD News that the Forces of Nature offer us thousands of times more energy than we need.

I wanted to ensure that you – and everyone – understands the BETTER News – that human ingenuity and innovation are harnessing the 4 Elements and that we can now use this AWESome EarthKind Energy for all our electricity, heating, cooling, and transportation needs

And I wanted to  spread the BEST News… that clean energy can save us money and create a healthier and more just, sustainable, prosperous, and beautiful civilization.

YOU, me, and the 7 billion people on the planet are the 5th Element. We Woman and Mankind – all “EarthKind” – are literally changing the world.

So… what are some of the personal, professional, and political clean energy actions that we can each take to stop and reverse the catastrophic impacts of climate disruption? And… how can we move to clean energy and save money when we make the transition?

Here’s are a few examples:

Energy Efficient Lighting. LEDs. World Bank. IDB. Shearman & Sterling. Marsh McLennan. US MSC.  

Episode #4: with Bernie Erickson – relit the $2 Billion Oculus across from the Freedom Tower in NYC. The Least Expensive Energy – LED Lighting: How to choose a quality LED

Thermal Efficiency. Insulate attics and walls. Seal cracks around doors & windows. Insulate hot water tanks & pipes. 

Episode #16 :Russell Mead, the owner of a 200-year-old home –

Episode #64: How to make your home Healthy, Comfortable & more energy efficient with Lauren Salz of Sealed:

Episode #21. Laurie & Roger Husted who built an energy efficient new home:

ZIP Building System – Episode 55: 

Clean Electricity. The Sun provides 1,000 times more energy than we need.

Solar Oakwood Friends School. 21 buildings. 11 electric accounts. 

NYS Bridge Authority. 2.8 million Kwhs. LEDs. Solar. EV Charging Stations. Building efficiency.  

Episode #3: Scott Sklar:  

Homeowners & realtor pitfalls with solar with Christina Mathieson, the Solar Lady of Real Estate & Leap EDU. Episode 25: 

Clean heating & cooling. Fossils vs. ASHPs. Geothermal.  Stop leaving money on the table. 

Murphy Brothers Contracting. Boniello Development. Harrison Playhouse Lofts.

Episode #59: Building Green & Saving Money – with Michael Murphy, Murphy Brothers Contracting

Power of Earth with Comfort podcast & webinar series – sponsored by Climate Master. 

Electric Vehicles &  EV Charging Stations. Created the Clean Transportation Program for 43 municipalities. NYC fleet – 2,000+ EVs save on Total Cost of Ownership. Charging Station grants for non-profits, businesses, & municipalities. Village of Pelham. 3 L2s and 2 DCFCs. Ron’s 2 EVs: Nissan Leaf. Chevy Volt. 98% of people’s trips less than 50 miles. Plug an EV into a regular socket overnight to get a full charge.

Episode #71: The Electric Vehicle Revolution – with Ariel Fan, Green Wealth 

Episode #28: Media Leader & Electric Car Groundbreaker – with Rob Greenlee, Libsyn

Healthy Buildings: 

Stopping Natural Gas Leaks & Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions NOW. Episode 33: 

Episode #19: Healthy Buildings: with Architect Rick Alfandre: 

Clean Cooking. Gas Stoves. What’s Better than Cooking with Gas – with 5-Star Chef Chris Galarza of Forward Dining Solutions LLC. Episode #65: 

Clean Energy Jobs are Triple those in Fossil Fuels

Episode #12: E2 Bob Keefe:

$5 Trillion Economic Benefit: Episode #10: 

The Greatest Opportunity of the 21st Century – Conservative Steve Melink. Episode #20:

Building the Business Climate Voice

Bill Weihl. Google & Facebook. Episode #9.

Episode #54: Creating a Clean Energy Economy that Benefits All with Danny Kennedy, New Energy Nexus 

Environmental Justice. “The work that most needs doing – with those who most need the work”  

Episode 22: Electrify NY:

Clean Energy Jobs, Justice & Community Development – with Soulful Synergy Founders Dwayne Norris and Alex Alvarez. Episode 17 – From Jail to Yale:

Microgrids: Episode #7: Cattle Cowboy to Wind Entrepreneur to UL Microgrids with Andy Kruse, HOMER Energy 

Trillions being invested in clean energy: 

Invest with your values with Geri Eisenmen Pell – Episode 23: 

Episode #54: Towards Aware and No-Harm Investing – with Marco Vangelisti, Essential Knowledge for Transition (EK4T) 

US Military – Climate Change is the biggest threat to US National Security

Episode #39:

Regenerative Agriculture. The Biggest Carbon Capture Opportunity. Episode #49:

And there are many more examples:

Community Solar – where you don’t have to put solar on your roof or property – but can get the financial and environmental benefits by being part of a large solar project in your community.

Episode #45:

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA – Group Purchasing): Episode #29: 

Electric Fireplaces: With the light & ambiance – but better control, and no hazards to your children or pets. Episode #51 

Clean Energy Policies – Episode #63: 

Religious Organizations -Episode #62: 

Solar on Landfills: Episode #47 – 

Carbon Absorbing Paints: 

Episode #34:

Episode #35:

Clean Cities: Episode #31:

Clean Energy History Episode #44:: 

And many other examples of what homeowners, businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and others are doing to move themselves to the next level of sustainability,  the challenges they faced, and the solutions they created.

Together, we are all now an AWESome Force of Nature. We ARE literally changing the world. And there IS A LOT OF HOPE.

What are you doing to create the clean energy future we need to make the world safe for yourselves, your children, and all future generations?

Please go to our website, Awesome EarthKind dot com. Send us a message with your questions, comments, and ideas. Take a survey telling us what you’d most like to hear and gain the opportunity to win a high-efficiency  LED Light Fixture.

You are AWESome, and we’re looking forward to meeting you.    

Go Clean, Save Green, and… Energize!

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